Random Musings in the Morning Sun

I bet you missed Journey. It’s been a while. I know you all probably noticed I skipped this weeks inspirational Tuesday. The week was busy. Between snow storms, school cancelations, car problems, rememberances, and edits, I have been … What’s the word… Not drained… Not dazed… Not distracted… Eh… 🤔

So it’s Friday, I’ve been working on Crystal’s tale and was very happy to have an inspirational slap in the face with Journey. I’ve read so many of the  WP poems and have been impressed. I ponder. How does one come up with consistent poetry. Maybe it’s easy. I’m so full of variety, maybe I’m conditioned to change things up. Maybe going back and forth from writing a fantasy/scyfi/mystery book series, and a secondary fiction series has my focus on stories. 

Bleh bleh bleh (Hotel Transylvania)

Car problems drive me crazy. Trying to shuffle seven people around is like a magicians job. I spent all week getting up early, and rushing out the door. Most writers have a routine. This week, mine was tossed around a bit. Therefore, my writing and creativity didn’t spike back up until the choufering stopped. 

My new favorite TV show is the Shannara Chronicles☺️ who’s seen it?

My step girly has her first game tonight as an official player in the  high school band (She’s a middle schooler)

My baby girl has another basketball tournament starting Monday at another school. Which is farther away. Yay! us and our car problems 🙄

My Golden boy is learning to discover life on his own. Can somebody say precocious 😱

My lil guy is well, I was woken up early to find him stealing moms stash of gummy bears… He thinks he’s stealth. 

My lil baby sapphire blue is a blessing to us all. Nothing lights me up inside like the moment my two amazing sons look at their sister, and their hearts melt. I suppose as every parent fears, I thought there would be jealousy. Instead, I have one interested helping hand after another. 

Funny, Now more then ever health care providers are concerned about your emotional state of mind after having a baby.  Maybe because I have so many little ones , or maybe because nowadays their finding that post pardum in is a big epidemic. I couldn’t  even imagine what it would be like to go through that. Can you? Have you ever experienced it? 

(She drifts off in thought)

I spend more of my focus on being tired. I’m grateful to have enjoyed all of my kiddos, and that I haven’t experienced post pardum. Many others have seen this struggle.  It can become a scary ordeal. For any of my mother readers out there, my best suggestions are:

  1. Enlist your helpers, and take time for you.
  2. Keep up with your hobbies
  3. Distract your other children.
  4. When lugging your other children around, or making store stops, nurse your baby right before you leave, and let baby stay home with dad. 
  5. When feeling flustered with baby, stop! Put them in their crib with their baby gym and take five minutes. Even if they cry, it is better for them to learn self soothing. Everyone needs a breather, and crying never killed anybody.
  6. Let your other children kiss, and be all around and all over the baby. Provided they are gentle. This creates the bond. If we keep our other children away out of fear for baby, resentment will grow. The bond they create will make it easy for mom to take her break when baby is distracted by all the fun children in the home.
  7. There is more but this is a start.

 Can anyone tell me why newspapers refuse to hire decent writers?

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