Repercussions of Life

Little girl thirteen, a wisdom stained behind her eyes. Innocence ripped, she knows no more. Dreadful memories flash beyond. Night terrors disturb her once loved slumbers. “I can’t shake the image from my head.” She pleads for it to be gone. 

Sandy and her friends pulled a dead man out of a pool. A job that was not theirs. Ignored by teens in authority who were not equipped for this day. 

She jerks awake so many times, she forgets what sleeping through is like. Emotional turmoil swims through her soul. In a world that’s taught her authority is no good. It was reiterated when this set of authorities did not help.  Her permeanamt cross to bear you see. Abandoned by biological relatives, receiving no help in her dire need. A strangers face reverberates through her young mind, simply bleeding out in time. Never the same, forever changed, the scars will scab and grow over. The traumatic world she will know. Early on, in her life. 

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