A Poetic SOW with an Update

I am most grateful for the recent comments I have been receiving. Thanks 

So much!!!

Often we live through life, and experiences follow. It is what we learn as we grow, that matters the most. I believe that is why I have had more motivation lately to tell hard hitting short stories. In everyday life, we all go through something similar. It’s important to remember your not the only one out there who struggles. That’s just life. These hard hitting moments we all carry shape us. They make us who we are. I thank you all for enjoying them. They  truly tie in with my SOW. πŸ‘ŒπŸ€”πŸ˜‰

This will serve as my shortest inspirational Tuesday post, two days late. Yes I know your probably wondering where I went off to. A week that started out with Chaos, I’ve also been in focus mode. Editing is a slow progression, but something is always better then nothing.


If only now 

You could be seen 

Skeptical shadows

Pass right through me



A drift in the herd

Opposite directions

I shall deflect 

Β©Rareity  2-11-16 πŸ’

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