I saw you sitting there, in your own little world. 

Tear stained cheeks, turned so cold. 

Beaten bruised and broken nose

You sat alone with shattered bones

Weeping out your only thoughts

Losing grip on all you love.

Moments lost because of dread

Robbed of all your happiness

©Rareity 2-16-16


Miss me? 

This lady was off in adventure land today.😉

As I stood in a crowded restaurant, I saw a woman cowering in a corner, beaten and bruised. Speaking with a friend of hers she stated, “I can’t stay any longer.” As to avoid eavesdropping, I smiled and walked on by. Domestic violence has been a growing tragedy for generations past and present. Believe it or not, woman aren’t always the victims. Sometimes, men fall victim too. Whatever scenario you may live, or have come across, degrading, and devaluing others is not OK. We love by showing affection, not by tailoring charming words together. Broken hearts and broken bones may mend, but those around you will never forget the way you make them feel. Moments matter. 

If we neglect, or ignore those we love, even in the light of something small, and simple as: forgetting to get your loved one a birthday gift, or even maybe a Valentine’s Day gift. You can make it up, and I’m sure it will even be appreciated, but does making it up truly make the original scenario better? 

Probably not. 

In a world where we are all just a blink of an eye, we must truly remember the essence of our existence. If we lose sight of that, we will end up losing sight of or true selves, and our purpose. 

The bottom line: while it’s unfortunate that humans tend to appreciate after we’ve lost, break the cycle. Look at your loved ones, and remember that in your lasts days, those are the ones who will surround you. The difference between a noble death, and dying in vain lays within the way you treat them now. 

Happy inspirational Tuesday 😀 remember to praise those you love, even for the small gestures. 

Mellie 💐

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