Emotional Pain Versus Physical Pain (SOW)

As promised, I’d mentioned a while back that I’d be posting about this topic. 

What is pain really? 

Can you remember the last time you stubbed your toe on your bed, or a chair, or even the dresser?  It’s that moment when you seize up in excruciating pain. Sometimes, we may even yell, “Fawk!” Followed with a small rant of bad word streams. After a few minutes, the pain subsides. Your left with a memory, but it doesn’t necessarily Impact you does it?  Have you ever been in a car accident, or any other form of serious injury? These are moments of impact. Why? Because while you may not have been prepared for a toe stubbing, your even less prepared for a serious injury. With this pain, comes an initial shock, fear, and reaction. Afterwards, you are left in pain and possibly damaged physically. Here’s the thing: with these sorts of pains, they come with layers. There is an emotional aspect as well. Maybe your no longer able to do the things you once loved. Eventually the pain will subside, and/or you may get used to it, but will you ever stop hurting inside your head when you no longer have the ability to do those things you once loved? There is a level of emotional  strain that simmers in the back of your mind.  

Let’s get more real: 

Personally, I tend to have A high tolerance for pain. Emotional and physical. The hardest pain I’ve ever experienced was the death of a loved one. That is not physical pain. The impact death has on a persons mind is guaranteed to knock a person down. 

“It’s not how hard you fall, but how tall you stand afterwards, that defines you.” #stuffraresays

Emotional versus physical:

I honestly believe emotional pain is worse then physical pain. You hold onto the thoughts, and reasons why that pain is there. The death of a loved one, we truly never get over them, merely learn to live without them. They’re in our mind. When we seek help, it hurts us the most, because we now know they are no longer there. Especially when those loved ones were your support system. You begin to tell yourself, “If they were still here, they’d help me right now.” Then you start thinking bout how no one is there, etc.  A series of damaging thoughts. Serious injuries leave you feeling less than before, and while physical pain can heal, not always…….It … Goes away. It’s your thoughts that will always get you.

That drive inside our mind, is what creates our reality. For example, maybe you were a dancer, or an athlete. You were in a car accident that caused you to lose your ability to do what you love. If you spend all your time focusing on your newfound disadvantages, you will slowly die inside. The state of your mind dictates the state of your physical health. 

Our emotional health has a heavier weight. If we abuse our minds, our bodies will soon follow. Depression, and other emotional stress such as anxiety, can take a toll on you. With anxiety, yes you have triggers in the world that stress you out, and possibly prevent you from doing things, and being around people. The difference is, how you treat yourself with your own thoughts. If your good to yourself, then your anxiety will stay at bay. If you work yourself up, your anxiety is going to pound down on you hard, and oftentimes, that’s a serious health issue. You can have a heart attack if you don’t get a grasp on yourself  before the anxiety railroads you.

Emotional health is crucial to your physical health, it always will be. It triggers your physical health. Yet on the flip side something like stubbing your toe only triggers the physical factor. 

Hmm emotional leads to physical,  but physical can stand alone. Two versus one method I suppose. 

Here’s why emotional pain can be worse: After carrying damaging thoughts for so long, they break down your body. Your physical health actually weakens as you go. Keep your mind in top shape, and your body will follow. 

Carry thoughts such as:

  • I got this
  • Let’s conquer the day
  • It is what it is
  • Who am I?
  • What do I want to accomplish today?
  • What’s on the to do list for today?
  • Eh I’m not worried, it’s already in the bag.
  • It’s on!

These aspects will keep you focused on the goal. Answering these questions daily will drown out negative thoughts. Why? Now you have a purpose. 

Blessings. Mellie 💐

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