A Writers Dilemna

Ok so, I guess I’ve converted.

Since I was eight years old, I have been your “old school” pen and journal writer. In fact, my whole hearted belief is that through that method, you pull directly from your deepest creative stream. While this is still my belief, forseveral months I’ve been utilizing the iPad to create, tailor, and edit my posts. (Hence the silly mistakes {eye roll}) 🙄

Now, I’ve conditioned myself to type. 😕 I had journaled my Crystals tale, and wow has converting it been quite … Tedious. 😔  I guess I’ll be … um… Re writing it, or taking a lot of time to tear it to shreds. 

Editing has been almost non existent, and going slow. How many of my blogger buddies experience this same issue? 


23 thoughts on “A Writers Dilemna

  1. A @ moylomenterprises says:

    I used to write by hand, then transfer to my computer. That took so much time.

    Now I do it From my brain to the WordPress app. Lifesaver! There’s an app called OmniNotes from which you can share to wordpress when you have WiFi. Ever since I upgraded to a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 5) it has eliminated my need for a tablet. The phone is fully loaded, has a large screen and has full website capabilities. Easy to type and edit. The upgrade was so worth it as I already had unltd talk, text, data plan. Good luck!


  2. Plabw says:

    I have done all my writing on a computer since I was 9 years old in elementary school. My flash-drive is my most prized possession. I guess it depends on how you first started because its the most comfortable to you.

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    • Rareity says:

      Right. Conditioned. I’m starting to change from my original method to typing now… I guess it’s possible to re condition yourself. You make for a really good point. I alway hand wrote which yeah I wonder why I choose that method always, but never once did it cross my mind that I choose it because the most natural. 😆 🤔what do you use? Laptop/computer, tablet, or phone?


      • Aplabw says:

        I use a laptop computer most of the time but I started on a clunky school PC. I’ve tried typing on tablets and smart phones but the screen feels so small and confining. So I understand your struggle to change writing tools.

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      • Rareity says:

        It does drive me crazy. Clunky computers … Geez its been so long since those existed it almost seems like they never did


    • Rareity says:

      I suppose it really does depend for me… Since I’ve got kiddos sometimes I’m on the go, which I always carry a journal … While sitting at basketball practice, or band practices, or soccer tryouts, etc. I always have my tools to write down my ideas. Crystals Tale fell victim of basketball practice, and no device (shakes heads ) oops

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      • Tessa says:

        I never thought of carrying one with me. Good idea. I did just order a religious organizer a few days ago though.That might have a note taking section.Thanks for the thought.


  3. Yadeï says:

    I’ve never tried handwriting an article first…only because I’m lazy. If you do that, you’re my hero! Lol…I like typing in Microsoft word either on computer, tablet or my fancy new phone :p (my phone has the full package). The problems I’ve had with devices other than the computer is the limited features using the App. Other than that, editing works well as long as I set my mind to do it. What software are you using on your iPad? I’m not used to that.

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    • Rareity says:

      I work straight out of the WP app. Your right. The optimal way is through computer. The IPad is very limited in features . I can’t use my word unless I’m bumping off the wifi that bugs me a bit.


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