Toxic Anything Does More Harm Than Good

Don’t let others bring you down. Your self worth is far more valuable then you know. If others around you choose to offend, hurt, demean, or degrade you, deep down they are your enemy.

Toxic people have a way of making others around them feel less than. In fact, somehow it’s always the target that feels like it’s their own fault for being mistreated. If you are in a situation like this. Remind yourself, “You are capable of better things.”

I had a query submission come through this weekend, and the question asked was,

“I’m around toxic people everyday, but even though I know it’s not OK, they are a family member I can’t escape. This brings me down even more because I feel like there is nothing I can do about it. What can I do?”

(For privacy purposes I will not use their name)

This is a hard situation, and I couldn’t even imagine how difficult it is to live like that on the daily. If you haven’t already tried sitting them down and talking about boundaries, now would be a good time. Breakdown guidelines that state what you won’t tolerate, and what you appreciate. If they truly want to be in your life. These guidelines should be easy to fulfill. If not, then you’ll see the proof in the pudding. The bottom line: In any toxic situation, it is always in your better interest to remove yourself from the situation.

I’m not normally an ultimatum kinda gal, but when it comes to toxic people, their number one trait is selfishness. Therefore, giving them an ultimatum isn’t fully unfair.
Examples could be:

  • If you want to be with me start noticing little things I do.
  • I’d like to hear compliments from you rather then insults.
  • Stop the criticisms

Whatever your requests may be, it’s important to refrain from using negative words such as; No, You need, You can’t, I don’t like… Etc. These words encourage plight, and lead to arguments.
Remember two wrongs do not make a right, and at no time whatsoever should you become toxic in return. “There is power is being the bigger person.” #stuffraresays.

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How many of you have experienced something similar?

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