Guiding Versus Misguiding (SOW)

   “We lead by example.” #stuffraresays

As parents, and leaders alike, it is important to remember the most important piece of what it means to be a leader. Our very own example. It’s one thing to tell someone to do something, but it takes a whole other level to just do and be. 

The difference: guiding versus bossing. 

For example; maybe you gather your family up to go to town. As your all getting in, a younger kiddo chooses to run circles around the car. While everyone else is doing what they need to do, that child is still NOT. hmm now add the oldest kid into the mix. Let’s say they are trying to help you (the parents) by stopping the kiddo from circling the car. BUT they are only chasing them in circles around the car. Instead of setting the example they are trying to enforce the younger one to get in. 

Process it…… 

Mhm… I’ll bet you that the younger one continues to run. Why? What example is the older one setting? ……. They are running in circles at this point too. Gotta be ok right?  Nope. 

What would have been the Succesful game play in this situation?

Yup… Thought bubble… The best way to get that little one in, is to let that little one see YOU get in. Hence, we lead by example. 

As parents, our children see everything we do. As leaders the world watches everything we do. It’s one thing to voice, and talk a beautiful talk. However, let’s get real. Walking the walk is what matters the most. 

A leader is not someone who tells everyone what to do, and enforces it on them. A true leader, leads from the back. Meaning, letting those around you take the drivers seat while your guiding them into the right direction. 

 The goal: giving them a higher sense of themselves. 

In fact, even in the work place, a boss, and leader are two different things. Can you guess?


A boss shouts out order, and sits pretty on their throne. A leader comes up with ideas, works with their crew, and even gets their hands dirty. 

The biggest key to becoming a Succesful leader isn’t necessarily the want, need, or desire to become one. In fact, that isn’t even how it works. A true leader doesn’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference in the world. Their most precious asset is their own example. 

In a world where our youth are being forgotten, we must remember the best kind of leader are those who harbor future potential leaders. Why? Power in numbers.  

Sorry today’s inspirational post was late. It seemed one distraction after another kept me on my toes all day. Smile, be kind, open a few doors for people, maybe try letting some people into traffic today. Create positive vibrations all around you, and watch your stress melt away


Happy inspirational Tuesday 💐Mellie

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