Playtime is Fun When your Not on the Run


Happy children yes they are.
An amazing big brother holding his sister.
Proud to be they will see
Through silly faces and cock eyed grins.
Who is that silly behind that lens …
Oh it’s mother can she see?
Two amazing children, loving indeed.


The thing about children we all must know: Being fearful of them hurting, will only grow a wedge. Teach them to know the concept of gentle. It is then you will see a beautiful bond growing.
Happy Friday!!!
Mellie 🍦

10 thoughts on “Playtime is Fun When your Not on the Run

  1. chris jensen says:

    i won’t wish my life upon my worst enemy! However i won’t change one moment!

    Growing up was a child thing with me..

    It was an experience an struggle, to stay alive an feed myself…

    An yet compared to those children from the villages, it was a cake walk..


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    • Rareity says:

      Chris you are so right. I remember being the little sister. My big brothers sure favored me. I geard naby a story about us as kids, and how much mom adored it. Now I am seeing it through a mother’s eyes. What a feeling it is. Are you a big brother?

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      • Rareity says:

        They say girls mature faster. That’s the difference between the complexities we live. Boys only worry about eat shot play sleep . Going with the flow .. girls worry about every… more expectations placed in them such as; looks, girls hate I’m each other, they conflict the compare, they compete , (boys so that too) they worry about if so and so likes them etc. You name it a lot of complex thought forces the mind to mature faster.


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