Is it Sunday Already? πŸ˜±

Good morning world!

It’s Sunday. Most of you are probably getting ready for your typical Sunday routine. Some go to church, others don’t. We all praise, whether or not we fit into an organization. 

Here we are, the end of our weekend. I’ll try not to show to much excitement. You know, with everyone leaving the house tomorrow and all πŸ˜†

Our weekend was eventful. Got a sitter, and watched deadpool. Thank you Ryan Renolds for your passion of pursuing this movie. You have officially opened the world to R rated comic book movies. A whole new level.

Aha! So we re-watched one of our favorite movies yes.. Try to guess.. As Opinionated Man (should I link him? ) once stated…. Vrrrrm! … Guess yet? 

Star Wars. Just when I thought the light saber wars had ended in our home…. THEY HAVE RETURNED. (Ducks her head to avoid a fatal collision) 😬

Where’s the meme when you need one? πŸ˜„

Ok but really I could spout some inspirational, leadership stuff with some wisdom, but that’s what Tuesday’s are for. πŸ˜‰ 

So far I have established, inspirational Tuesday’s, Crystal’s Tale Wednesday’s, poetry generally comes closer to the weekend, but really all other musings scattered around until I find the right day for them.  

Anyhoo, I do hope your weekends were well. I tried a new BBQ food truck recently. The food… Amazeballs. Quite frankly, the perfect word to describe the feeling I had, while eating it was… As another blogger stated,  mouthgasmic. ( can’t wait till she reads that. Her word was mouthgasm.) for lack of sleep and brain food, this Is me, signing out.

😎 Mellie 

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