Mommy Can I…..

Ok so now i’m bugged. I took a lovely picture with my IPAD  and all that great jazz. I haven’t ever had a problem before. Until, today It refuses to upload my media. Well there goes my cool spring poem. (Rolling eyes). 

Garsh dang it! 

Soooo….. Er…. Change of subject. 

This weekend, someone asked me,”How do you do it?” 

As my five kiddos ran around enjoying life, and I kept a wide smile on my face. Alright ….

Grace, humor, organization, wisdom, and geek hood is how I handle five kiddos. I joke I mess around, I teach, I enjoy. We have a lot of funny moments together, and well point blankly when they misbehave, argue, or don’t listen. Yuh … I don’t play around… “BEDROOM TIME!” did mom just say that. I separate everyone. I don’t intervene, nor will I step in right away, but if they are Misbehaving I constructively separate them. My patience is great within me, is it not? 😝 I’m good at separating, distracting, and managing. If I want to make something happen, I’ve already got a plan how to make it happen smoothly. Especially when it comes to distracting five kids. I’m told my kiddos are respectful often. 

House rules::

  • I don’t allow them to talk back, unless they’ve thought about what I’ve said, and have come back for constructive conversation. 
  • Wash your hands before entering my kitchen
  • Wash your hands when you come home
  • Oh you want those cool jeans? uh huh… Do your chores.
  • What are you saving money for? Ah I see, well the garage needs cleaning πŸ‘Œ
  • We don’t hit
  • Think before you speak
  • Think before you act
  • Movie night!… Well we better clean so we can be comfy for it.πŸ˜‰
  • No food outside the kitchen.
  • No devices at the table. 

And we get our device free dinners.. Mhm. Best, humorous family time ever!

I’m pretty sure their public behavior is a reflection of our home life.


I’m the mom who yeah… When I pass my teenage daughter in my car while she’s riding her bike, uh huh… Yeah… I’m gonna roll down my window, stick my head out of the car and loudly sing (wicked witch of the west) duh da duh da duh duh, dear, duh da duh da duh duh. Mhm… (Nods head) yeah. 
When my almost tween daughter acts up… I .. Uh… WILL EMBARRESS HER IN PUBLIC.

I’m even the mom who yes! … When walking passed swords in the toy section, I will reach for one gracefully pull it out and yell,, “On guard!” whoosh , woosh! She swings the sword around at her children. “Not today you silly tyrant!” My tween grabs, and swings, to defend her honor. “Silly momma” humph the golden boy swooshes at me. 

Ok so yeah… People laugh at us. We’re hilarious. Tell me, what would you do if you saw that scene. Yup… Your gonna laugh too. Did I mention were total geeks with our kids? Yeah well who doesn’t like messing with their kid. There’s a special kind of bond that comes from it. They’ll remember all the times you made them laugh, or roll theirs eyes at you and say,”your such a dork.”  Well … Yeah!  (Kinda the point)

My golden boy is so good natured, he approaches every task with a hum , and a bounce in is step. “Mhhh huh huh mhh huh huh” gotta love it. 

My sour patch kid, well he’s… A typical Gemini. One minute they are sour, the next they are sweet. His humor though. Tell him to hurry, and he will place a devious, joking grin on his face and walk slower than fawk!  

My almost tween 😱 holy smokes batman, I’m getting old!!  Wait … Wait .. Cue the what am I going to do with a boy crazy, hormone filled tweener? Well world my first born will officially be… Big πŸ˜‘

My kids are thinkers. Because every time they ask me something, I do what my dad did before me. I ask them, “Well what do YOU think? 

Then I proceed with my answer. 

“Patience is a restroom.” #stuffbellesays

Well I probably didn’t make my point , and I probably did. Either way. Welcome to Monday. This is mellie signing out ✌🏻 

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