Are Fears Holding You Back?

My greatest feared doom:  The reality that someday we will all die. 😨

Frankly, it freaks me out. Probably because it isn’t an irrational fear such as planes, or whatever else is out there. Honestly, the probability of a plane crash is most definitely lower then the probability of death. It’s…. Inevitable. 

 Birth… Death… Hospitals… 

They all seem to have one thing in common. Joy, grief, gloom, change. The shadows echo through the hallways, rooms, in hearts. 

I stood inside labor and delivery, after giving birth to my fourth born. I looked around at each room, remembering what it was like to have each kid. Seeing myself within those rooms, giving birth to each child. I single handedly managed to have every kid in a different room. The memories of my first Born slipped though my heart. I paused for a moment deep in thought. My sweet pea 😍 ok I know what your thinking… I have nick names for all of my kiddos.  

I spent a lot of time reflecting yesterday. I mean, I just survived the two year anniversary of my fathers death. I miss him… A lot. But today, all I can think about is the impending anniversary of my mothers untimely death as well. Six years later, and I still need my mom. Of course, I’ve grown to live without them, but missing them will never change. These are setbacks we cannot ever plan for, and the emotional roller coaster will always be quite the ride. 

I know I’ve repeated this in the past but it’s truth. 

“It’s not how hard you fall, but how well you rise after falling, that defines your character.”

Even if it’s not death that scares you, the point is: we shouldn’t let our fears run our lives.

I may be scared of it, but I do not let it hold me back. I merely keep conscious of healthier living for the sake of extension. 

Maybe you have a fear of drowning. Whatever your fear may be, it’s completely valid. It Is not the fear that makes you, it’s how you deal with it, that truly matters.  Fears may be hard to overcome, but if you try, you will not only set yourself free from burden, you will also feel a weight lifted beyond measures. 

At the bottom line; Conquer your fears

Happy Inspirational Tuesday !!!!


Mellie 🍒

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