9 Things I Wonder About Society

1. Isn’t it weird when you start seeing people you went to school with more often? It’s like whoah, I haven’t seen you forever … whoah.

2. Why do people NEED to get a good look at a nursing mother’s ..you know….milk bag?

3. Do we REALLY need the newest shiny things to be considered … cool?
4. Do we HAVE to judge people? Doesn’t it make so much more sense to realize every one lives their own struggle.

5. What’s with the step daughter complex ? Ladies there really are evil step daughters in the world. It’s like….A PARADOX.

6. What are best friends without a steller great laugh?

7. Have you seen those people who are brave enough to wear their pjs and slippers in public? 

8. Does your way always have to be better? What happened to constructive comprise?

9. Since when is instant graitification the way we roll when it comes to relationships?

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