I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders not as a burden, but a story with a deeper meaning. Tiger stripes are earned not given. #stuffraresays

6 thoughts on “#stuffraresays

  1. Anthony says:

    I have a similar thought but instead of the weight of the world it’s the pain we endure. ‘Time heals all wounds’ – what a load of crap. Nope, we carry that pain with us and the healing isn’t accomplished in time, it’s accomplished with effort and desire to get through the moment of pain to reach a better place on the other side. A place where the scar can be talked about without the burn of the memory returning. While there is time between the moment of impact and the day we are healed it is not time that makes the healing possible nor does it or should it truly remove the pain form our lives. I need my pain. Take my pain away and you have removed something that is me, something that has added to the person you see and hear everyday. Just as the weight you speak of has a story, so does the pain I talk about because they contain that larger, deeper story that comes with living life. Sometimes that living has a weight or a pain but it’s mine. There is no way to live, truly live life, without feeling either the weight or some pain in at least a few occasions as you journey through the universe.

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