Crystal’s Tale (Part 8 Growing is The Game of Life)

Crystal sat on her bed with her pointer finger tapping gently on her chin. She carried the look of distaste on her face. Jane walked by her doorway peering in. Stopping in her tracks, she could feel the energy burning Bol from her daughters room. She had to ask, ” What’s that you got on your mind love?” Crystal looked over at her, and her contemplative looked changed from thoughtful to gloom and doom.  ” Mommy… I don’t like my skirt any more.” 

“Why hunny?”

“Because every time I see my grandma, she tells me I look ugly in them.” Crystal put her head down and crinkled her toes.

“I doubt she says that honey. What would give you such an idea?” 

Crystal took a deep stressed breath. Jane’s shoulders softened, she knew this look. This meant Crystal was about to tell her something that’s been bothering her for a while. 

“She says you buy me ugly clothes.”

Jane nodded her head and replied, ” Ah.. Is this really you saying how YOU feel about them? It’s ok if you don’t like the skirt.”

Crystal became saddened. “No mom… Really… Grandma told me not to wear them, and when I said I liked them, and that’s mean, she said ‘You’re just wearing them because your mom forces you’, and that I shouldn’t listen to you.”

“Now why would she say a thing like that?”

“Because.” Crystal let out a sad sigh… Letting out a tiny tear drop slip down her cheek. She looked at her mother with pleading eyes. “Mommy why doesn’t my grandmother like you?”

Jane could feel the pain boiling over in her daughters heart. Despite the emotions, she kept her composure and simply said, “Well sweet pea, it’s not my place to answer that for you. You’ll have to ask her that.” 

“I have mommy.” 

“Yeah?” Jane said inquisitively.

“She says your a bad mom, and that you don’t really love me.” 

Jane waited patiently as Crystal let tears flood her cheeks. Jane wrapped her arms around her until she’d let it all out. With a supportive smile Jane said, “Do you think that?”

Crystal’s face lit up with hope. “No Mommy! If she only knew that your the bestest most coolest mom ever.” 

Jane let out a giggle and said, “Oh is that what you think?”

“And I know you love me mommy. Why else would you always be there for me.”

“Your right.” Jane said compassionately.

Crystal lifted her head up to look into her mothers eyes, “Really?”

“Of yourse baby girl. I love you very much.” 

Crystal felt at ease from her mothers calming presence. She let herself drift into happy thoughts of her and her mothers alone time.  Jane couldn’t help but stare at this beautiful young girl. A young, and wise child. Jane felt a sense of pride in how well her daughter is growing, and her mind flourishing. Jane pulled herself out of her thought, and looked at Crystal. Crystal was now bouncy and cheery as ever.

“I’m so proud of you.” Jane said with confidence.

“Oh mommy!” Crystal lifted her shoulders and blushed. 

“Remember just one thing for me love.” She paused awaiting Crystal’s eye contact.

“Nothing or anyone can change how much I love you… And sweet pea… I sure love you… To the MOOOON!” 

Crystal’s face lit up as her mother melted her heart. They both slipped into reminiscent thoughts of a time in her toddler days when they had I love you wars. Whether Jane loved Crystal to the moon, or Crystal loved Jane to the mountains or stars. Their love was solid, and nothing could change that, not even lies. 

©Amanda Gordon

6 thoughts on “Crystal’s Tale (Part 8 Growing is The Game of Life)

  1. Yadeï says:

    Wow Mellie! Very powerful moment and a great mother. I can easily imagine otherwise the moment she was told someone thought she was a bad mother as women take pride in that role. Very well managed. Great kid. Powerful story! Blessings to you ;-).

    Liked by 1 person

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