Inspirational Tuesday 3-15-16

Miss me?

I’ve been recovering from a highly over stimulating weekend. Mainly focusing on my ME time. I gotta admit,  my setback with my editing three weeks ago truly tripped me up. Anytime I’ve thought about getting back at it, it get a sense of dread deep down in the pit of my stomach…. Meh  😕.

 Have you ever heard this question:

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” 

I have. What it means to me is very important. This statement holds a lot of weight in everyday situations. Life…. I talk life a lot. To you, my kids, and my friends. It’s… All I know. I’m inquisitive and my days don’t go by without understanding the deeper meanings. (Thanks dad… I owe you one. 😌) 


Considering our time is short on this earth, I don’t ever find importance in… Strife. Things, life, moments, plans, and memories don’t HAVE to be a huge issue. Sometimes, people focus more on their way, that they forget to enjoy life itself and go with the flow. 

My point: rather then putting more emphasis on being right, why not just BE happy. Examples: 

  • Relationships
  • Work environments
  • Friendship

Sometimes, your going to have differences. Guess what… That’s ok. Why? Because healthy connections involve a few key traits.

  1. Compromise
  2. Understanding
  3. Empathy
  4. Genuineness
  5. Listening
  6. Fairness
  7. Intimacy (If this is a relationship)
  8. Compassion

When we lack these traits we tend to experience one sided relationships. Why? Because one half cares more about being right, then they do about being happy. Everyone has feelings. You have to remember that your connection does to. Meaning, if you hurt a friends feelings, or your partner, or boss, or employee, or kid. The wrong thing to do is place higher weight in their understanding of how right YOU are. Conflict isn’t a competition. No one wins. When compromising it should always be about moral. Not, “We’re doing it my way or not at all.” As those traits above specify. Connections are not ever permanent. If you want to have good relationships with those around you, you must work at it.  Nothing good in life ever came for free. If your not willing to make the effort, stop fooling yourself and those around you. There is no such thing as trying, that’s just a formality to get someone off your back. 

This goes for your children as well. Deep down they may be small, but they have the same minds we do. When you stop, slow down, and breath and put those traits into play, you reach your children better. 

My suggestion: the next time you are faced with a stressful situation. Stop, breath, count to six. Allow yourself to think it through BEFORE you escalate the situation. Unless the other person is deliberately escalating and being snarky. At that point you may need to remove yourself from the situation. 

Remember: if you hurt someone’s feelings, have remorse. It means you care. If you offend somebody, own up. Don’t make it about how they need to hear why you did it, in order to feel they deserve an apology. . That’s not how life works. When was the last time saying sorry killed anybody? (Before explaning so!)  We can’t expect those we hurt to understand your reason for hurting them is logical. THEIR HURT! Until you redeem yourself for the hurt, you can’t expect others to…”Get over it”  karma is real, and boy can she be a  B!%@$ 

Have a great inspirational Tuesday.


7 thoughts on “Inspirational Tuesday 3-15-16

  1. Anthony says:

    THis one resonates with me because it’s a good example of how not to be a toxic person while at the same time some good thoughts on how not to let that toxic person get your goat.

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  2. Susan J Hernandez says:

    I have a true tale that I tell my friends in work and they don’t believe me. I am on husband # 2. And he’s the jackpot. But like all relationships, he’s not perfect, nor am I. There’s several things he does that BUG me to no get out. I have, however, finally learned this (nearly) foolproof formula:
    – Does it drive you crazy more than a little bit?
    – If Yes: Is he ever going to change or listen to reason? Did you already try (NOT BY YELLING) and no good?
    – If No (won’t change): Is this behavior physically or mentally and SIGNIFICANTLY harmful to himself, me, or the kids (taking drugs, smoking, jumping off buildings with bungees)
    – If Yes (harmful): Make a stink. Start out nice, but make a stink. BE WILLING TO DIVORCE OVER IT, because it’s THAT important.

    ANYTHING else – and I mean ANYTHING ELSE that does not fall under last category – the one you’re willing to split over – YOU DROP IT. No more picking, whining, poking, holding it against him, hinting, NOTHING. DROP. IT. FOREVER.

    I like this tale because my friends thing it’s funny, and it sort of is, but it’s actually what we do, and it actually works!

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