No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

Ok… So maybe spring break has been busy. Abundance of little ones around, busy, and overwhelmed with overstimulation. My posting is slow. I’m looking forward to a normal week, next week. Maybe for now…. Enjoy this poetic verse:

You cannot disappear on your little girl. Expect her to be…Yours to control. You will not reach. That mind, heart or soul. Only bleed out. Her interest in you. A mother is God in the eyes of a child. The moment you discredit that.You become the devil. No parent, friend, foe or family. Can tell a child who should matter to them. It is only in the mind of that young one that the reality of the situation. Comes to life… 


2 thoughts on “No friend or Foe (Poetic Verse)

  1. Alisha says:

    So intense mel I can only agree they are kids who should grow up to have their own thoughts and feelings and if you don’t let them your ruining it for yourself!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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