Criticism… Really?

Isn’t it strange. You would think age makes the world of difference when it comes to life. Knowledge, wisdom, learning, growing, every damn factor in the world you can think of involving your life, right here and right now can be placed here. With age comes something… More evolved … Right? …. NOT!

A common misconception we carry along in our lives is, “You have to listen to me because I’m older. I know better.” 

When I reflect on this mentality It makes me wonder. One may be older, but have you ever walked one day in others shoes? No. 

“Wisdom has never been tied to the ‘yours by right’ concept.”

It can be unwise to have this mentality. No one knows everything, and no one is completely and utterly helpless. It’s unfair to treat others as though they are lesser. When they speak, bring up life, and shed light for you. Oftentimes, when people divulge, they don’t give you the whole picture. It’s usually only a sliver of their pie.

The term, 

“You can’t judge people by the chapter you walk in on, when you haven’t read the whole story.”

Comes to mind.

When you choose to criticize someone for their reasons, or choices for doing something… Is it really your place to tell them, why it’s wrong, or what their doing is wrong, or how much it bothers you that it’s their choice? No.

Whether your older or not, why should that be the wisdom you shed upon others. I still heavily believe wisdom comes from a deeper meaning. When asked for advice, I don’t criticize the situation, I hear a person out and offer insight where I see fit, but I do not and will not tell someone all the things their doing WRONG. That’s negative focus. What if; let’s say for example: friends (Best friends) suddenly one day grew apart, something happened, or you stop talking. What if you tried really hard to re-connect, stay connected, or even hook back up with them. Nothing is ever in our control. What if that friend chooses to completely shut you out, and you can’t do anything about it. Suddenly your getting criticized because one person can’t understand that maybe your not actively being a jerk.  Sometimes, things happen whether we like them to or not. 

Place Mel’s sarcastic comment here:

 Farking Deal with it! Life happens…. Go with the flow.  

Ain’t gonna open old wounds, and what’s the point. I’m over here… Just waiting. 👌😆

Why? You ask. 

Why spend a lifetime angry, sad, dwelling, and depressed over some one YOU probably miss a lot, when you can live life for what it is, without anger, sadness, strife, depression, or whatever emotion you carry in any real life situation your in. Remember, this scenario is just an example. What about you. What’s your scenario? 

If your that person criticizing someone for their scenario, when you know no reason, is their any worth? No. Unless your ready to grab a cup of coffee and hash that dang story out… Just… Don’t… Go there. 

If your the one living that scenario, remember timing is everything. Don’t beat yourself up, or dwell, and most importantly if you are the wiser man, YOU yourself, will be wise enough to know offense to criticism only leads to arguments. Stop. Slow. Still your mind. Think before you speak, because only the wise would avoid that conflict. 

I know it’s monday but hey… Happy Inspirtional Early Tuesday.


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