Single Parenthood: The Struggle is Real!!!!

“When you let someone anger you, you are giving them power over you.” 

How many of you have heard this phrase? It’s a pretty universal concept. In this great wonderful, mysterious world we live in, we encounter many people on the daily. Some you simply pass on by without a second glance. Others, you may impact, or they impact you. Maybe you put a smile on the cashiers face this afternoon, or consoled your teenagers broken heart. Maybe you bumped into an old friend… Ok. Now I’m rambling. 😱

Have you ever been placed in a situation where your walking on egg shells with certain people? Nothing you do is right in their eyes, everything is always your fault, but most importantly when you bring up concerns, they flip their farking wig, and pull a skitzo on you… Yeah … Well apparently people do that. Imagine for example; being a single parent. That’s the kind of situation that’s filled with lots of stress. Whether your a dad raising kiddos, or a mom raising kiddos (You never know these days) any real parent knows raising a kid is about guiding that child towards the greater good. love…. What is love?

Love is knowing what your kids favorite snack, color, interest, quirks, everything imaginable is …  BUT! Knowing something is only half the battle. Big key: Time is love  

NO! Not competition, not controlling, not money, not luxury. Not manipulation!!! (Common misconception)

Real parents know that their child’s concerns matter. If your kid comes to you fearing the boogie monster, are you going to tell them their full of shit and send them back to bed? NO! You’d be calling them a liar.  Instead, you humor them. Personally, any boogie man that steps foot inside my home gets karate chopped. “Hiiiiii  Yaaaa!”

Back to my point. It irks me that the majority of absent parents mistreat and disrespect the other halves of their child’s whole. News flash!!! . . That time and energy your spending on convincing the world their the bad guy…. Is…. We’ll …. 


Mhm… Bottom line: Being a parent is about being there for your kids, supporting them, guiding them, and most importantly being there because it’s the right thing to do. Can someone please enlighten me as to why dead beat parents can be absent, without effort, and dormant for years and suddenly decide  They are dad/mom of the year? which gives them the right to control the kiddo. (Hear that… Yes… Remember yesterday’s post about theirs by right)  

If your not making an effort to bond with that child, you are not worthy of parenting them. 


Addressing concerns is meant to resolve the issues. Not to focus on name calling, bashing, and blaming the other parent. Meh… Let’s just… Not even go there.

 Hold for Mel’s sarcastic comment:

Cut the shit, grow a pair, and handle things like real adults do. If one concern makes you a raging maniac, somethings wrong. Name calling, and wig flipping … Yeah that’s all a sign of where your focus lays. Hey would you look at that… ANOTHER NEWS FLASH!!! This just in… If a person can anger you that much just by mentioning something your child expressed, your not in it for the kid. Your to worried about your issues towards the other person. As quoted in the beginning, “Behind every angry mob there is a power.” If one could so easily anger another there is a power they hold over you. Hey rumplestilskin move over… You might have power in knowing names… Meanwhile, in melsville. I’m over here reflecting like …

Those who anger, hold power over those angered.


(Face palm) 😒

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