Have you ever….

Do you ever.. Just wonder. Your life; aspects, factors, downfalls, successes, choices and repercussions. Often, we get dealt with a few bad hands. Some, they let it take them down. I don’t mean the self bad talk either. I mean, letting it define everything they are.  Others, kinda just roll on through doing what they gotta do. Here’s my undying question: have you ever noticed that when you get kicked down, things begin to start kicking you while your down there? Oh how life works. πŸ™ƒ What can you do? Not a damn thing other then sit back and enjoy the ride. Popcorn anyone? The term, “It takes true wisdom to know everything is out of your control.” Comes to mind. 

My first born, she’s… Amazing. Her mind… It blooms at a rate you and I can’t even begin to understand. That brain ticks. You see, no matter how great that is, she has one downfall. There are always those whispers in her ear. Confliction. Does she deserve it? Probably not. Does it affect our lives ? YEAH! Can I protect her? Nope πŸ€” it is what it is. She recently told me she didn’t want to do something that involved that other side. As a mother, you love your kids enough to stand up for them. I did. When it really came down to it, she left me hanging on that limb all by myself. CRACK!  Tumbled and fell. Well … Won’t be doing that again. It is now up to her to stand up for herself. Is she ready?  I don’t know. As a parent, it takes a lot of resolve to step back and let your kids be who they are. My girl, she’s one heavy free spirit. Am I proud of who she is? HECK YEAH! She blows me away. 

I have no control over who she loves, that I’ve known. That I accept. Kids love who they love. Her story… It begins sad. Try being a kid who only has a mother. Usually it doesn’t affect them. Try being the kid who doesn’t have the dad, but sees his parents. People who will stop at nothing to make sure she’s aware “Here’s your dad, look at all these pictures this is your dad, but he doesn’t live here. But you need to know this is your dad even though he’s not in your life.” “Then… Where the fawk is he, and why doesn’t he want to be part of my life?”  Mhm kids make that deductive reasoning. Nine years later, that absent guy wants to be her… Dad. Have I mentioned, he treats me like a piece on scum at the bottom of a shoe. Yeh’ kids notice that. Does he come in and bond? Nope. He comes in and thinks he’s got one hundred percent of the control. Apparently, he gets to dictate everything. πŸ˜’ Well good luck with that. Meanwhile, all these mindless attempts at hurting me, are not hurting me at all, but the little girl that should matter to him. Does she matter to him? I’ll let you know when he stops focusing on me. (Stank face) mehπŸ˜’

Life works in mysterious ways. Everything tends to happen as a tribulation. These lessons we endure, and emotions we blare. They only serve to teach us something greater. We all have a purpose. Whether mine is to inspire through the written word, others may be you tubers inspiring through video, scientists who discover cures, and so forth. Whatever your purpose may be, our lives tend to be spent discovering that. How often do you find yourself… Reflecting?

One day, she will grow up and she will look back with her own reflection. She will know. A person can only lie about your mother for so long, until you realize “Wait a minute that’s not how she is.” πŸ€” Until then, she must travel her path learning on her own. You reel your kids out so much, allowing them to learn, they will always bounce back when they really need you. 

Happy late inspirational Tuesday 

Mellie πŸ’

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