Would you do better if you felt substantially supported?

Ask yourself this: What Is your passion? When you think about aquiring your goals do you cringe, or become ecstatic? 

Not everyone has good support. Writers, artists, musicians, woodworkers, etc. they all tailor their unique craft, when you don’t have support and encouragement, you kinda just… Fall through the cracks. I mean… Who wants to waste their time doing something that’s not going anywhere right? 

Some days I feel defeated. I’ve got a goal on my mind, but as the day goes by… I’ve spent so much time getting people quiet, that I’m tired. Generally for spouses, they typically work together and take turns on handling the fort. Or so… That’s the way it should be. Again… Not everyone gets supported. Sometimes, us artists are battling against the wind. And that… Sucks! 


Your getting in the zone and others think that’s their opportunity to um… Tune out too. Yup .. Someone please enlighten me as to how two units can be tuned out and still obtain the peace. Nope doesn’t happen. 😠

I speak with other artists a lot and we mostly discuss our successes and downfalls with our craft. I hear plenty of stories, and no I’m not going to divulge, but I’ve heard a lot of stories involving a lack of support. If it were me in that position, I’d be pretty furious. 

My mentality is,  if I gotta hold down the fort all week, managing. Then one day out of the weekend better be for me to completely duck out and do my thing… MEANING, your partner better be holding down the fort while your taking care of your craft. 

Some cases we don’t have partners, Maybe we’re single, or divorced, or a youth. Either way, my example there can still be universal. If your parents, family, or extended relatives don’t support, that’ll bring you down. If you have no one behind you rising you up, your bound to fail. Why? Because as an artist your already self concious. When you feel like your doubt is confirmed, so drowns the confidence.

While you read this post today, remember you are a mentor, you are a leader, you are a role model. You may not take interest in what those around you (i.e. Children, family, friends, lovers) care about, desire, and are passionate about… Still… Care. Rise them up. One day they’ll look back and remember why they are where they are. 

Hence, if you don’t support, their successes will only leave you behind, if your their number one fan, you’ll take their ride right along with them.

Mellie πŸ’πŸ’


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