Phase Of… What?


My inspirational Tuesdays and Crystals Tale’s are meant to be coming. However, lately i’m busy on the days they are meant to post. I think it’s time to update. I will stick with inspirational Tuesdays, but move Crystals Tale to Fridays. The rest of the week i’ll post my random musings. that usually entails poetry, and other ramblings. πŸ˜€

I missed yesterdays post. Driving out of town for a dentist appointment isn’t a quick experience. Especially, when you’ve got your three little kiddos in your back seat. Have I mentioned my oldest boy gets car sick… (Puke Face)

Any trip we try to make requires a bag and preparation for car sickville. Did I mention a longer extended trip cause’s our two year old to hack up as well. (Double meh!!) So yeah at least my older boy had bad allergies that he spent all morning hacking up. ….I guess.

Most importantly, I missed my entire days worth of speaking with my wifey, Yes world I said wifey. πŸ˜€ confused? good πŸ˜› My best friend, I love her, she is my seester and I will call her wifey. My oldest kiddo called home sick from school…. And so the story goes…. This weeks inspirational Tuesday has been postponed until further notice… πŸ˜€ Really i’ll just post a little later.

Do you enjoy my personal posts, or would you rather I focus on:

  • Inspirational Tuesday
  • Fridays Crystal’s Tale
  • Poetry through the rest


  • Keep the personal posts as well

Lets hear your thoughts in the comments.:)







21 thoughts on “Phase Of… What?

  1. Aquileana says:

    What a day you had… but, the weekend is just here… I hope you and your family enjoy it.
    As to your question, IΒ΄d say that it would be nice if you focus on Poetry, at least this month as itΒ΄s National Poetry Month,…. I like any of your posts, though. Best wishes. Aquileana ⭐

    Liked by 1 person

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