You know, we spend our entire lives searching for who we are. Our identity. When I read this post, it stirred so much reaction within me. For one, “Who am I? The question we ask ourselves often. Unless we define ourselves, we are nothing right? As goes for the saying, “You cannot find your dream job, unless you create it.”
To me, identity is your personality, your surroundings, your family, your traditions, your culture, job, and friends. Every factor that you can think of, comes together creating your identity. If you’re an actress like my favorite blogger Beautybeyondbones then you know the everyday life of an actor/actress is not an easy one. Many, struggle with substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, and much more. Why? Because in the dog eat dog world you eat, shit, and sleep what they tell you and want you to do. If your body is just a few pounds off from the way they want it, you must lose the weight. If you’re going to perform a full nude scene like cerci from Game of Thrones, your gonna HAVE to work your bottom off just to look the part. When I think of actor and actresses and the term identity I think of the fact that for so many years you are portrayed certain way. Some fans cannot differentiate that your character is not really who you are. That alone can create an identity battle. Don’t get me started on the friendship value for them either. Being famous might look fun, but in all reality if does honestly affect how people treat you. You never know when a friend is really a foe. I mean, really though aren’t we all struggling with that one? You get my point.

To me, I’ve struggled all my life to find mine. Why? Try being born into a musically talented family, starting your life off musically inclined, but also being quite the crafty writer. The day college came around and it came to picking my major… The sirens went up. “What the heck do I want to do with myself.” Thankfully psychology seemed interesting enough to study for six years. However, as I mentioned two posts ago in, “Did she really say that?” Some of us struggle forever, to never truly find out who we are. A true shame.
Next time you are struggling, or having an identity crisis, stop, take in a breath, and head to the mirror. Look yourself right in the eyes, and make your soul ask, “Who am I” because honestly…without realizing it, we already know.
Thanks Beautybeyondbones for allowing me to reblog this. If I’m wrong in any way, please let me know. I might cry a little bit (kidding) but I’ll be alright 😉


I have something exciting to share with you guys:)

I was recently interviewed by Jacob over on the blog, Lone Star Inspirations. And yesterday he posted the interview! So if you want to read a little more about Yours Truly, head on over there! And thanks, Jake, for wanting to interview me!

So. I’m a sucker for Buzzfeed. I spend waaaay too much time there. Catching up on everything from news, to celebrity gossip, to Disney quizzes, to the occasional random cat video.


I mean, I need to reevaluate my usage of spare time!

But anyways, I happened upon something rather interesting yesterday. And that was’s “Word of 2015.”

I won’t go into the Oxford Dictionary’s choice of word…or rather, nonword.They chose an emoji.Yes, you read that right — they chose the “laughing with tears of joy” emoji.



But chose a different word…

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