At risk? …. Whaaa?

I want to thank all of you who tuned into the last few videos. Honestly, when I do share a video it’s normally inspirational. However, I felt like giving you a peek into minor pieces of my daily life. If you enjoyed the videos please feel free to follow my channel, bajeebus on YouTube. You know me, gotta keep with the theme 😉🙃 which means I’ll focus on inspiration and leadership, with poetry. 

A lot of you have been quite curious to see my poetic videos. You’ll be getting what you want very soon. You know me as your inspirational blogger, my children see me as a Hero, and while I may be a fiction writer, I’m also a studied psych. Whatever you want to call it. 🤔😆 one of my biggest focus areas was at risk youth, substance abuse, profiling, and cognitive development. (Yes I compare Piaget and Erickson. NOW with all me kiddos, I have my own perspective. 😉)


What is an at risk youth

Every teenager qualifies… This is why:

  • Peer pressure
  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Support
  • Choices

Are five factors in why or why not a person will fall apart. The lack of positive factors will definitely lead one astray. 


As we grow, we also learn. If we cannot learn from those choices and mistakes, we then never learn to see an error in our ways. Reflection is needed, with lots of encouragement. While we’re  young our minds are quite impressionable. Meaning, we can go left or right. The verdict always depends on the coping tools we’ve already obtained.

These days, as unfortunate as it is, studies show younger kids are using substances more often than not. Let me first get one thing clear. Using a substance doesn’t qualify it as abuse, unless that substance is used as a way of life. (If you don’t know the difference, feel free to private message me. I’ll alway engage in dialogue.) 

It’s happening more and more. (Side note: can you remember the days when you could ride your bike around your neighborhood, and not worry about getting kidnapped, or threatened?  Your parents probably didn’t have to worry so much about what you’ll encounter that day?” )

As the news, and other media shows us, more and more teenagers are passing on due to drug overdoses, getting poisoned by things, wrecks caused by drunk driving, etc. it’s a shake your head moment. I ask…What is the world coming to?

I found an article a few days ago about a teenager who showed up at a random strangers doorstep drugged out, and needing help. The young kid had been overdosed, his first time trying it, and the friends dropped him off to fend for himself. As the initial shock of this scenario came to view, it got me thinking . “Wow imagine that… What would I do if that happened to me, with five kids in the home, how would I handle a forced dire moment?”

Here’s how: 

  1. Breath
  2. Ask questions (What’s wrong, what’s going on right now)
  3. Be proactive. (based on what was said, make steps to counter act it)
  4. Direct people in the home away from the scene.
  5. Keep yourself calm, while speaking. This keeps them calm.
  6. Understand they need to know everything’s going to be alright
  7. Make appropriate calls. 

Some of these steps can be used in every day situations. I merely use this as an example courtesy of an article. For any of you out there looking for tips to keep yourself above water during scary moments life has to offer, remembering these steps will be useful. 

Happy Sunday all … My mommy senses are tingling!  I hear signs of a baby crying … Shhhhhh!

  Signing out 😉

Tune in soon my fellow poet lovers. I will be making a poetic video for you all. 

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