In Your Dreams

I swept away on my royal unicorn. Fleeing from the guards. My brothers were there one with his snobby attitude, and the other getting  in trouble with me. We ran up the royal veranda hiding from our parents until. oops busted! We were caught in the pool room. Just then the castle began to shake,”An earth quake!” A bystander yelled.  “Fee fi fo bread and rum!” ….Wait whaaaaat?

“That’s not an earth quake, THAT’S A GIANT!!”


Frantically running through the veranda, I looked backed which caused me to slam into a wall. Dangit! Who put that there?  I ran until I was out of breath, then the wicked witch of the west song started playing over the speaker-com. (hold for thought bubble) Da fawk is going on here?

“Mellie hurry I need your help” A friend of mine suddenly appeared. I looked at here strangely confused. Maybe she needed a hero. (Oh get over yourself) “Can you watch my kids for the day?””Um…Sure.”

A yellow bus drove by, and i’m sitting on the patio of a trailer I’ve never seen before, looking out at other houses. A hollering tea kettle goes off and I’m still not processing what’s going on. “Hey mom, you should um… drink this.” My nine year year old pops up with a silly grin on her face. I reached over to grab the cup and she backed away dropping it on the floor, “JUST KIDDING!” She ran away laughing. I went inside to see they’d trashed the house, and they were in a jet pool tub, pretending to swim. (Speechless I tell you. I’m speechless)

The phone rings, and my friend says where are you its the next day, i’m looking for my kids. “I’m still here it three hours later. (I think) Mellie, you’ve been missing for three days… Well, I …that… but… wait whats going on here?

My friend showed up, and told me about a magic show she wanted us to attend. We followed her there. Omg! its the castle again!!! :O Were piling up on an auditorium this time, i’m not royalty, simply recognizable. When he show was over, everyone faded away. I was left in the castle again with the witch call sounding over the intercom again, Farking great! swords are clashing, and soldiers are grunting. A war is obviously being fought here. “Hello dear.” “Ahhhh!” I hopped around towards her. “I want your soul.”

“Nah!” This is too much.  The morning sun now creeping through my window, I’ve awoken with a strange start. I roll over, trying to hunt for the last of the comfort, it’s not there. My eyes open, and I realize,  da fawk kinda dream was that?


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