Remember When?

Do you remember when the kindle first came out? For any kindle fires you weren’t looking at anything under $130. I’ll admit, i’m a big lover of Amazon. I order there often, so i’m normally checking stuff out. Man nothing can beat Amazons deal of the day. Have you seen it? I love it! Today, I was browsing on there and saw that their kindle fire colored tablets, which are normally around $130 are only $50!!! It brought my hands to my face in utter shock, “Whaaaaat!” I had to say, “dang! what a steal!!” Now i’m wanting one.

This got me thinking, “Do you remember the days when electronics were so dang expensive not everyone could afford them. Remember when the leaspter console for kids learning activities were quite pricey? Nowadays, you can get your hands on a fire tablet that not only comes with free apps, but kindle free time which allows you to block, and control what content your kids can use, AND you can manage their usage and time. FOR FIFTY BUCKS!! Wow how times have changed. It’s amazing what changes over a course of a many years. anyhoo, I remember when you could buy a soda can from a machine for under a quarter, or at least around that. Think about it! For us heavy readers, who can’t appreciate an eBook every once in a while LOOK!!

Visit Amazon for this deal


Whats your remember when story?

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