A kind of Inspirational Tuesday bla bla bla 5-10-16

Once upon a time, I started this blog as an inspirational and poetic journal of my life. Ultimately, I wanted to turn it into an advice column. (Does that sound stupid?) However, the advice inquiries come far and few. I’m honestly at a loss of what to do with it anymore. Some days, I consider giving up on my entirely. :/

Oh shit!

I guess its Tuesday. You know, Some days I want to be bitter like fawk! about my losses. I could use a hug sometimes. Oh right! then i look around and remember there ain’t nobody around to give me one anymore. I could use a smile sometimes. I’ve lived plenty of experiences in my life. Generally, I go about every choice and decision with a wisdom crested beyond my eyes. I live and learn ALL THE DAMN TIME!  don’t we all?

I wish I could tell you something inspirational today. I’m not feeling so inspirational myself these days. I’m not really sure where i’m going with my life, career, or anything else for that matter, and i’m irked by it all. I appreciate all twenty of you who take the time to come by and support me, if not for you I wouldn’t have lasted this long. I’m kinda bummin’ I guess I can leave you all with one thought today,

“God doesn’t put us here to need, he puts us here on this earth to learn and experience.”

It isn’t stuff, money, homes, cars or anything else that needs to be done before we can enjoy life or be grateful. If we always NEED before we can make things happen, we are playing life wrong. There is never a lets do this first, or before we move lets umm worry about all these things first. WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!!!  planning is essential but if making your plans is your bigger focus, then YOU AIN’T GONNA GO NO WHERE!

In life, we were merely placed here to serve out gods plan, or the universe, or Zeus or so and so, or that dude, or that guy, or that one girl with the eight arms. OK  you get the point. I don’t know who you worship, and i’m not going to be bias. The bottom line is, we were placed here to serve a greater purpose, even though finding mine is quite difficult sometimes, I believe our greater purpose is that itch we just cant quite. If it wakes you up in the middle of the night, it is your calling, if it screams in your head during the day, it is your calling.

Today, i’m in a bad mood. whatever! Leaving you with this: Despite my mood, i’ll most likely spend the day reflecting this thought. What do I NOT need to be happy, but what can I do to  CHANGE MY THOUGHTS SO I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE

Blessings 🙂




7 thoughts on “A kind of Inspirational Tuesday bla bla bla 5-10-16

  1. ladysighs says:

    I don’t seek advice from you and I don’t have much advice for you. We all have those days when we wonder what we are blogging for or if it really is worth the time and effort.

    When I started my blog(s) …. yes have had more than one …. somebody told me I should have a theme or blog about a specific topic. I’m glad I didn’t follow the suggestion and just let the blog wander here and there.
    I like to read about your family and can really feel how important they are to you. I like your poems and feel you put a lot of yourself into them. They aren’t shallow rhymes. (I write the shallow ones. lol )

    Maybe try not to blog every day. Perhaps set up a routine: a day for pictures or stories about your kids/family. Set up another day to post a poem … giving some idea of what/why you wrote it. I enjoy reading the background/explanation of a poem. And perhaps another day to give advice based on your experiences. Perhaps a day for quotations and how they relate to your life.

    I don’t think or don’t know that you need to change or can change your life.
    Me …. I don’t think we’ve been put here for any special purpose. That’s just me. I feel I make my own purpose.
    I would rather have the few followers I have than 100’s. I could never read that many blogs and I do read everyone that I follow. Don’t always leave a comment though.

    Perhaps take a little rest and reflect ……. as you suggested. But don’t abandon your blog. 🙂

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