So Many Memories

As I sat peacefully in the grass watching my baby girl at her field day, having a great time, all I could think about was. “Man I could be recording this, but I don’t have enough memory on the camera.” Shoot! dilemma. So I stared off into the clear blue skies, which seems to be turning cloudy, with threats of a storm, I realized, “Maybe I should just upload those videos to my YouTube channel. I mean, who can’t appreciate memories that are always there. I remember when I was in Junior high. You know that middle school they call it nowadays? The neighbors dogs chased a cat underneath our house, busting all the water pipes in its path. Oh yuck! It caused so much water damage, I couldn’t even explain it to you now. So many family photos destroyed. Memories melted away as the ink dripped from the photos. Irreplaceable.

When mom and dads house burned down, we lost even more memories. This got me thinking even deeper. These videos we see all over YouTube have one benefit. If you lose a device, or something breaks, those videos are not gone forever, they are a secondary log in away anywhere else. You can’t really beat that!

Crazy thought. That is all. I’m off to go clear some memory. I missed an exciting adventure today, and I don’t think I want to do that again. If you guys like watching my family videos feel free to check it out on my channel later. I do enjoy attempting to make them creative.


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