Into the Brightness (Inspirational Tuesday 5-17-16)

As the beauty of life grows gracefully around us. Cabin fever is settling at bay. I do enjoy the new hope all the growing life around us represents. It’s such a relieving feeling. Almost tranquil. Knowing that if the trees, grass, bushes, and flowers around us could survive harsh climates all winter long, we too can grow through the darkness. #stuffraresays

Funny how that statement relates to life. Don’t we all have periods of darkness? We simply live through our darkest moments in life in order to grow. One does not appreciate the value of life, until they have lost their parents or other loved ones. One does not appreciate the significance of true love, until they have experienced it. One does not know the journey nor wisdom of patience, until they have children. Aha! Do you see what i’m getting at here?

Life. This great big curiosity we carry over life. A person is shaped by their experiences. Nature and nurture play the biggest role in our minds. In psychology, there is the largest controversy over Nature Vs. Nurture. However, my belief is that they both hold an equal weight in our self being.

Wisdom and maturity is not ever about age, creed, class, or status. These attributes come from learned knowledge. They are what drive our decision making, and better judgement.

“We dislike in others that what we dislike about ourselves.”

Is it our place to judge, criticize, or ostracize others?  Wisdom is knowing that is always only in gods hands. (As I’ve said in the past. I’m not bias so replace that word with whom represents your beliefs. Zeus, Skippy, the cat down the street, that 8 armed lady, your best friend, the universe… OK so you get my point.)

At the bottom line: How we treat others is a reflection of ourselves, not them. Therein lays the key:

“Live and let be. the rewards are tremendous.”

Just like nature, humans grow differently. Our stories are unique. That is the point. Every leaf on a tree is built the way it is, because of the trees life experience. Each limb, leaf, and cell in our human bodies are shaped based on our growth throughout our lives. We live, we hurt, we bleed, we fall down. Every scrape, and every scuff is destined to be our drowning.


Is that what you want to be defined as?


We fall, we get up. We cry, to let it all out. We hurt, because we’ve learned. We get scraped, we heal. The soul has a miraculous way of healing itself. The only detriment is our own thought process. I know I say this a lot, “Change your thoughts, you’ll change your life.”  It’s because every negative thought you foster in your mind serves to slowly kill you.

As this beautiful summer approaching Inspirational Tuesday passes, I want to leave you readers with one thought:

Spend an hour outside today. Stare at your trees. Watch as they sway along with the breeze, but do not break. We shall all strive to be strong enough to sway in the wind without breaking. Be still and silent in the peaceful serene of that which surrounds you. Water some plants while your out there too.


“Revelations come from silencing the mind.”






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