Movin’ On Up

When did Pomp and Circumstance (Graduation song) become a mash up with Star Wars?

I am one to love me some Star Wars theme music, but at a graduation… Come on now… Darth Vader did not make these kids graduate. Meh! Now had the band played the song while the teachers walked on, that would have made my day 😉

As our 8th grader topped off her middle school days with a graduation ceremony, I pondered… Why the heck didn’t they have something like that for us when I was that age?

Even though these types of ceremonies tend to drag on, you want to also be proud. I mean… who isn’t excited when their kids reach their first milestones? Hey did anyone tell you how hard It is to sit within a large crowd of people during a boring ceremony with four little ones. The 3 year old crashed into baby blues head attempting to kiss her. Sweet pea cannot listen even if it could save her fawking life, Honey bear… well he’s going through a DON’T TALK TO ME stage. The kids are raging out of boredom … Have you ever thought holy shit our kids are making us look bad RIGHT NOW! (Face palm)

There was some wisdom given… Something about 

“Don’t let the noise of others around you drown out the noise of your own opinion of yourself.”

Hmm OK yeah that’s some great advice to give our future highschoolers of the world, BUT!  OK …The guy was quite the awkward advice giver. As he spoke, the message wasnt reaching or coming out sensibly.
(Zzzzzz oops was I falling asleep there?)

After a two hour blabbing session about how we shall follow our dreams, and really… no guys.. really … just don’t forget… you really gotta reach higher.
“Did that speaker seriously just say that? LIKE THAT!!!”
Higher than what? Are you saying each and every individual sitting here today should reach higher then their personal dreams and goals! Lady…LADY… stop!… just stop!! Tell them their dreams matter and to reach for that. Nothing is greater than a passion. Ask them what drives them, and to follow that itch. For fucks sake stop crushing their dreams.

Can somebody please tell me why I am not out their in the world as an inspirational speaker?
Tonight showed me, not everyone can inspire the world with a little MIND BLOWN! (My specialty)

Oh geez… did that sound cocky? 😑

Oh look their handing out those diplomas.

Congrats Lunar!!!!
Click here to see the clip

WordPress doesn’t love me anynore 😢 it doesn’t allow my videos to upload. Oh and this post was done through a phone .. 😕 Sorry.


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