My heart warmed and shuddered, as my soon to be 5 year old graduated Pre-K yesterday. It feels like yesterday that my little golden boy was nested and cradled in my arms with wrinkly newborn skin, and a cute button nose. I can still remember the struggle we had. He came out struggling to breathe. The nurses were gathering frantically. Their biggest mistake was not letting me hold him from the moment he came out. He was frightened by the chaos. I asked them to let me see him.

“He just needs his mom.”

“Let me hold him.”

They wouldn’t acknowledge me. The person with the most control in the situation, and they were taking all the power away from me. They were more concerned about getting him to breathe, then realize maybe he wasn’t breathing because they were frightening him.

After thirty minutes of my son being withheld from me, I started to get angry, and my spouse saw it. I looked over at him with dire and said, “Their gonna let him die over there while their chingering with him.” Finally he reacted. The one amazing quality that man has is how protective he is of his loves. He walked up with an aggressive nature and said, “Give me my son!” The nurses backed away. Based on the look he had on his face, they reacted as if they knew they were messing up. He grabbed our boy and walked him right to me. “Here’s your momma. She’s the one that’s gonna make it all better.” He lay him on my chest and I brightened. “Hi my baby.” I snuggled him tightly, and close to my heart. He immediately began to breathe. I looked over at the nurses and with skepticism and said, “Told you! That’s why you let mothers hold their babies first!” Heads placed down as that sunk in. His hunger followed. Every night when he’s tucked in. I can’t help but reflect, “Had Spouse not stepped in and grabbed my baby for me, He may not be here today.”

Having a baby isn’t just like sneeze oh your out. They go through a traumatic experience. They get crushed. The only person with the power to comfort them after that is their mother!

From that day forth, I knew he and I would bond enormously. I’m proud of my good nature’d son. I am blown away by how fast you grow. I’m honestly not really sure how to feel today. My baby.

I can’t even call him that anymore. My first born son is movin’ on up.


Best Buds Chillen’ after good eats.. My boy second to the left.

Life shall come and it shall pass. 

Take not for granted a moments glance 

Life unfolds and stories grow old.

embrace the ones you forever hold. 


7 thoughts on “HE DID IT!

  1. charlypriest says:

    Mothers……you are actually my idiols. I have no clue how you put up with kids, I barely have the patience to take care of a 3 month bulldog for a couple hours when I go and see my parents, so a human?…. woooo, what a pain, I´m great and the kids love me, but only if I stay with them for 3 hours at the most, after that I start thinking of either suicide or homicide

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