#stuffraresays 5-29-16

There is beauty in even the most simplist things. You must first have patience to notice it. Things tend to go missing through a face paced mindset.” #stuffraresays

©Rare-ity 5-29-16

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our world of technology, that we forget to notice the world around us. We forget that a simple touch supersedes a simple text. Eye contact can pierce anothers soul over a video chat. Take the time out of everyday to disconnect. Rethink. Revamp, and reinvent.

As a parent, we sometimes get overstimulated and overwhelmed. There can be times when our patience is running low. Kids are swarming “Mom, mom, mom!”
“DAD, DAD, DAD!!!!”
Even if your sitting down with your peaceful morning cup, rather than making them wait, getting upset, or annoyed …..Stop. Breathe. Close your eyes… remember your peace of mind. Let them interupt you, handle their need. This will end the squabble much sooner then telling them to wait for you.

My favorite technique.
“Don’t postpone, get it over with”


2 thoughts on “#stuffraresays 5-29-16

  1. ladysighs says:

    Due to a storm my ISP was off for at least 10 hours. I really had to look around for something else to do. 😦 Saw a lot of little and big things that needed doing. 😦 With the computer on I would have missed them all. lol

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