Sentimiento (Poetry)


Grandma Mary, Grandpa Tom, Great Grandpa & Grandma Mcgee, Mom, and Dad

Sentimental moments passing by.
I know I never saw you cry
The strength inside you
Lifted us high
The miracle of life
Passed us by

We celebrate you, on this day
Your memories, how they frey
I miss you all, every day.
Learning to live, in new ways.

Laid to rest, three generations.
Legacies unknown to our creations.
Stories known and untold.
This memorial, your forever home.

As I reflect on our days
Young and old, hues of greys
Your smiles sit comfortably.
Inside my heart and home for me.

Sentimiento (Sentimental)

Momentitos De la vida (Moments of the life)
©Rare-ity 5-30-16





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