Aging Days (Combo: Poem, Reg Post)


From Left: Baby Blue, Honey Bear, Sour Patch

Three years ago today.

You were inside my belly.

Preparing soon for you to arrive.

My three year old… little guy.

As we finally embark on your self sufficiency.

Today, we shall celebrate thee.

My tiny second little man.

Now world, lets give him a hand 😀
©Rare-ity 6-1-16

Enjoy the short video clip at the end

Certain moments in life are cherish-able. That i’ll always see. I still remember the day he was born as if it was this morning. My Sour Patch is now three!!!! Yay!!  This little man has a strong presence. A prankster with the, “Tell a person off if need be attitude.” He is also quite the sweetheart. I couldn’t have asked for a better kiddo. This little guy see’s no jealousy towards his little baby blue, and that is an aspect to be grateful for. Can’t wait to celebrate with cake!!! The one thing I’ve learned after having so many kids is that, until their old enough to express interest in certain toys, you don’t need to buy them much to put a smile on their face. We shall see what today transpires. Well, and come on mothers!! how many times have toys gone to waste. Avoid the over purchase ploy. 😉

Sweet Pea had friends over for a sleepover last night. OH EM GEE!!! kids suck when their friends are over. It’s like having friends over is the universal… WOO now I can be mean to mom and dad and not get in trouble for it shit comes out. MONSTER! 😛 It’s like all of a sudden their allowed to get away with everything. I was very mad this morning when she used up all the ingredients I had to make a special cinnamon french toast breakfast for Sour Patch. She didn’t communicate that she and her friends wanted something to eat. Rather she dictated for them. We have this ordinance. “Stay out of the kitchen unless mom and dad know about it.”For that very reason. SHE NEVER LISTENS! Meh! to her surprise she got the lecture in front of her friends. Embarrassed? CHECK!

Happy June everybody!!


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