A day in the life


So, We celebrated the little guy. He picked out this lovely…. um…Smurf cake. He looked like he ate a smurf, it tasted like a smurf 😛 ahahah not really but it was great. Chocolate cake with raspberry cream inside… Lip licking good!

The next day, I was a bit worried. We had to take him to his three year check up. I hate dealing with the aftermath of shots. Meh! He was so brave about getting them too.


As he played with big bro and big sis’ he seemed pretty calm and collective. These are his birthday presents that he adored beyond measure.  My biggest pet peeve of a Doctors office, is that it takes FOREVER!! I swear they do it on purpose. After waiting FOREVER, the nurse assistant called us in. She then proceeded to take his vitals AND then made us wait again.

So we waited!!! AND WAITED some more.

Finally, he was pulled into the actual room, and seen by his doctor. After an hour of waiting, we got 20 minutes of their time. That drives me nuts. They make you spend the time out of your day. I have four kids, and sometimes, those kids are pretty fussy having to wait forever, and what do we get? Twenty minutes. They can make us lose our day for them, yet not vice versa. Grrr!! On another note: NO SHOTS!!! Thank gawd. We left happy, he left happy, and on our way to get daddy for lunch.

Anytime I have to go out with all four of my kids, I tend to get drained. No matter how well they behave, holding a non mobile baby, while reigning in the other three, zaps my energy. Hence, the reason I don’t go out much when the babies are under a year. Gotta admit, I like me a mobile baby. I’m pretty goofy, and energetic. I like to have fun with my kids. No matter how many people tell me they are more fun small THEY’RE NOT! They take more work, planning, and stuff carrying. Besides, you can’t sword fight with them in the store yet! We got home and baby blue was so pooped we caught her crouched over in her car seat SNORING! little doll.


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