Telemarketers: Why Do They Even STILL Exist.


Telemarketers… This serves as my official message to all telemarketers

First of all, why? … Just why?

“Hello, I’m going to call you and speak half English, part gibberish, and a third of ‘I’m too nervous to really tell you why i’m calling'”

You do realize When us consumers answer the phone, were going to first spec. out who you are before handing you off to your recipient.

Truthfully, when we ask, “Can I take a message.” Were already scoping out what, and who you are. By NOT telling  us your agenda, your not really giving us the incentive we need to call you back?

When you call and ask for our children, then we’ve got a problem. Come on now! Tell me all you parents out there wouldn’t be enormously suspicious if a telemarketer asked for YOUR KID? No matter what age. I mean, unless their eighteen. What makes you think their parents shouldn’t know why you’ve been calling their child for two weeks straight?

Confession: We aren’t going to pass along the message if we inquire and receive, ” Umm… I am ________ , this is a recorded call and when is a good time to call.

Sarcastic head nod, “Really??????” A little eye roll with an annoyed, “Call tomorrow.” Generally comes soon after.

You realize, that call won’t get answered right.

I can still remember a time when telemarketers called your house phone DURING DINNER! Do you? hahahaha

Did your parents ever screw around with them?




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