Inspirational Tuesday 6-7-16

Some days, there’s not always that inspirational tug to pull from. Sometimes, I just want to unplug and completely disconnect. There is so much opportunity during the summer, that I just can’t help myself. πŸ˜πŸ˜‡

My apologies, today I ran late with my inspirational Tuesday. However, I did take one side note with me

The sound of singing crickets fill the nights air now. There is somethig about that sound in the summertime that gives off such a peaceful hum. I mean, unless you’ve got one inside your house.  Then you’ve got yourself a pest who PURPOSELY chirps as your drifting into your deep sleep. JERK!

Tonight’s reflection was a frequent one I tend to have. 

“How we grow up impacts the being we are shaped into.” #stuffraresays

We all walk along in life, one experience after another. After a while, we rack up quite the bar tab….eh… you know what I mean. We all carry baggage. Think of moving. If you’ve moved several times, you’ll know that with every move (change, growth) comes more stuff to carry. This so called game we call life gravitates all energy, thoughts and contemplation from the mere power we carry in our minds. It’s why I push the quote, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” So much. If you carry your baggage as a sheild you will always hold it over everyone else’s head. You begin to have unrealistic expectations within your relationships . Holding onto hurt, anger, depression, even heartbreak can shape you into quite the bitter one.

On the flipside, positive thoughts about life, career, finances, needs, um… everything! Fills you up more. The difference truly lays within your perception. It’s the is-your-glass-half-full-or-empty kinda moment.
The power is yours, and your the only one with the key to unlock it.

Here are a few examples:
– only children tend to grow up not ever truly knowing and understanding conpromise, teamwork, or cohabitating.
-siblings usually have all those traits but are also stronger in the emotional sense. Why? Who picks on you the worst? …. Yuh!

As for the rest of the examples, I’m positive you can come up with your life reflections involving this.

The point is, that we often carry these imprints forever. They seep out into your daily life, and routines. As an only child, you may have less patience for things. On the vise versa, a person with a few siblings may be quite the patient person because they’ve learned to deal with others, and mastered the art of conflict resolution.


This post was constructed on my phone. I apologize for any typos, or glitches.

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