S.O.W 3-14-16

“You are strong. Be brave. Learn from this experience, so it wont happen again. You’ll make it through. I know it’s in you. Hold onto you warriors heart, and be humble enough to resist the irrelevancies” ©Rare-ity 6-13-16

This came out as I hand wrote a letter to my big bro. No one ever said life would be easy. After mom and dad passed, we were all faced with the choice, “Sink or swim.” As I watched my dearest brother sink, and spiral through his grief, he threw a lot of his life away in a heartbeat. Where he stands now is never a fun place for anyone. While reading his letter, he expressed having a harder time in this specific facility. It pained me to see the agony in his words.

Know not what you go through in your storm, but rather the lesson you are meant to learn. We reap what we sow, and in order to grow, we must first mend those ties. The storm is a temporary experience but the person you become afterwards, will shape you for the rest of your life. 

Whether he’s having to be tougher, burn brighter, or lay low, I encouraged him to do what he’s gotta do. In our crucial situations, we cannot control it. Take for example riding a roller coaster. Once we get in, and were up there, if we get scared and want to change our minds… It’s…. kinda just too late. It’s not like you can unbuckle and get off. You just gotta close your eyes, and go with it. It is the only time you will have to just sit there and take it. Life is similar. When it comes to our experiences and lessons, we kind of have to let it flow. The sooner we relax and enjoy the ride, the faster it passes.

I worry about my bro many times through a week. It’s not easy knowing that the best way you can help someone you love, is by not helping them at all. The most fruitful lesson I’ve learned in life is,

“Don’t sit around and wait for others to lift you up. You gotta lift your own self up.”

No one can really make your dream come true but you. The key to your success is in your daily routine. (Remember this one?)

We are given paths. Everyday we make a choice, and each choice leads to a different outcome. Those are all the possible path choices we are given and they are infinite. We do NOT have power over others around us. We only have power in how we react to them.

Resist the irrelevancies… I hope he can avoid getting into aggressive situations, and take patience with him in his heart.

For whatever life scenarios you can relate this concept to, feel free to place your own lesson here. I can only speak for what I experience, or examples I find. The wisdom stands set in stone. Take not for granted that what was given to you. It truly is more valuable then you know.

Happy Inspirational Tuesday!

Late 😉


Photography By:  Rare-Ity 6-14-16







18 thoughts on “S.O.W 3-14-16

  1. robertcday says:

    Ha – thought I was going to get a sneak preview of your latest post there: “How I Feel Today!” but no such luck. 🙂
    How about this one instead: if you have had a nice sauna session and you’re feeling super-hot and it’s snowing heavily outside – are you the kind of gal who runs and dives into the deepest snowdrift you can find? And what does that feel like! 😀
    Or we could go back to the first question. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

        It’s quite a still morning. The snow is wondrous.I am just arising to a cup of tea.😍 Thank you! it’s been more than four years since I wrote that entry. I read it again. It’s so…. nostalgic. While back then it was rough, in recent years I’ve realized, I’ve become the woman I am today without the guidance of a mother and father. Pretty proud of myself. I have conquered, prevailed and survived.

        Whoah! Haven’t told the readers that bit yet. Courtesy of tour initiated thought process 😜

        Liked by 1 person

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