Breaking Deeds (Poetry)

Doesn’t anybody realize this yet? The world is in despair. Events all around the world are going down. What happened to society?

We live in a forest. (The world) The forest is whole, not a single tree. Sometimes we tune in. Lock on gaze. Have you ever stopped, and asked yourself,


No. It’s not.

Strife, anger, hatred and greed.
Surrounds our world inside these.
Atrocities, and commonalities.
Becoming one great and unjust deed.
Breaking dynamics and blowing sewn seeds.
Break the silence, live and let be.
Take a stand, save those you need.
Their future’s stake; does now bleed.
The world we know is falling down.
Break the riot, and search for your crown.
Lead the way without dismay.
Make the difference YOUR times now need.
©Rare-ity 6-15-16


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