Foodie Trickory


The best part of summer is taking your little ones out on adventures.  Since our vacation last week… 😯(Hands on face. Oops! Spoiler alert!
I know… I still have to post about it and showcase my lovely pictures.) We have been craving Thai food. Something we can’t find in our hometown these days.

What started out as an adventure to the dentist…. um …. OUCH! Getting local anesthetics is not a fun poke. Neither is the face numbing tingle.


Afterwards there weren’t any good places to feed our belllies out there. So off we went for another 35 minute drive. Did we fulfill our Thai craving. Somewhat. This empty, slow, and somewhat elegant restaurant was pretty dead. I suppose that was should have been the first red flag. There was also a group of children rough housing in the back. Their parents? No where to be seen not heard.

……. process that……. Yeah!

Turns out they were the owners kids. Cute right? …..NOT! as soon as we got our  food those kids started spraying frebreeze at us. Ewww! Considering they were the owners kids, you’d wonder… how they, of all people could be doing this to the customers

Fawking yuck!

Do you have any idea how disgusting food tastes with the febreeze taste in your mouth? No!!!
Jay  said something to our waitress about it, but nothing happened until all I could taste in the air was FEBREEZE! ugh! I got up quickly and  angrily making my way across the restaurant. Only then, did they get stopped. The parents did not come out and handle it. They kids continued getting into trouble , and trying to spray. Bad etiquette.
Will these children run their parents out of business.?
The Thai place in Santa Fe, NM is no longer an IT place for us. In life, we have our mortifying experiences. Today, I’ve found anew. Yuck! As I spend the rest of the day with an upset stomach in  …. in.. YUCK!  when your spending $50 for a meal, your kind of obligated to eat it.  Even still.

For any of my more local readers, make sure you avoid this place. I mean, unless you want febreeze in your food. ….

I don’t post rants often. Pardon my negativity. I couldn’t help it today…..



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