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Through The Gruel

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Poetry time!!!!

But before I begin, let me just say…

If you want to hold onto a relationship, do not break up with the person, say your not together or do/say petty things to them while expecting them to remain your dutiful spouse.

Tell a person they are single and they shall act as though they are.”- Rarenwise

People are not toys and their emotions are not your strings to pull. Therefore, one shouldn’t tread in life stomping on other people as though their feelings, opinions and needs only matter unless they benefit one’s own.

And so…..


He Pushes and pulls.
Dismissing her cues.

Argues with values.
Ignores her morals.

Her boundaries shattered.
His actions unfaultered.

Her heart growing cold.
She’s emotionally haggard.

Treats her like grime.
As though.
Hurting her…
Is not a crime..


Her strings unwind.
What’s left of her chime.

She’s treading through.
A listless gruel.
Respect is due
His intentions untrue.

She climbs the ladder.
Her value pursued.

What he once manipulated.
He can,
No Longer.
Her worth shines through
Stronger than his rouse.

Through all the times.
He ignored her cries.
She found the strength
To simply fly.
To his demise,
Her twinkle ignites.
As she treaches through.
The trials of life.

A soul Burninng brighter.
Her worth discovered.
She stands alone.
With herself
Her power.
©Rarenwise 12/12/2020

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See ya on the next one….

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