Valentine’s Foodie

A little somethin! In the making

It snowed!

It snowed like cray cray!


Give me a break, using my phone. [insert bitmojer here]

It couldn’t have been a better time than to plan for a fancy night in. 😉👌

For dinner: Mannecoti

With a glass of local pomegranate wine🍷

For dessert: cheesecake with homemade strawberry sauce and chocolate drizzle


This lady …. ahem… hold up.

It’s been a while.

Ladies and gentleman I would like to announce… that this lady has grown into a full blown woman.


It all happened so quickly.

Holds for emotional experience with my readers

[inserts pause]

Thank you for coming along in that journey with me.

Point being:

This woman is going to eat too much this evening.




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