Sunsets & Horizons

March 2021

It is said that, “God will reveal your enemies to you before he blesses you.”

“The Rollercoaster”

2020, showed ALL of us valuable lessons.

From the mistakes to the fakes, disappointment and the faith, joyous and momentous, the quaking and the shakings or the moving and empowering. We’ve all gone through it.

We learned through it.

Here we are 2021, I mean… even though we creeped in kinda slow.

We reflect.

We learn.

We grow.

We persevere.


We Prevail.

I could sit here and talk to you about everything that has occurred this past year with the pandemic looming over us but what fun would that be? We all already feel some type of way because of it and hey… were surviving. So, I’ll skip right to the juicy parts.

The thing is, there are two types of people. Those who are genuine and those who are ingenuine. While, at times it can be hard to decipher between the two, our instincts usually pinpoint the reds flags long before the problem transpires. Why do we ignore these red flags? Oftentimes, an individual can beg for you to be back in their life knowing they have backstabbed you more than enough times, yet they always carry the same old sad tune, “They miss you” Abusive friendships will always attempt to reel you back in to continue their abusive cycle.

Imma lay it to all ya’ll real!

“REAL woman will ALWAYS empower one another. Those who don’t, carry ill intent.”   I was recently asked what I was most grateful for and my response was, “Gaining freedom from toxic friendships, relationships, etc.” Something that spoke loudly.

“What annoyed her the most about me, was that she couldn’t seem to turn me into her little puppet.”

Ain’t about that life sweety. #sorrynotsorry

“He knows his own wrong doings. He knows what he did. How ugly hearted he became. Simply, to achieve his ulterior motives.”

When an individual strives to deceive others, in the moment, it may seem like they are doing humanity some sort of favor, by playing the “innocent victim” card. However, It won’t ever matter how hard they play that hand because that truth will always tend to linger over their head. Somewhat, like a dark cloud.

What we do, how we go about it… is always seen by the eyes of god and at the very bottom line of every day, all those lies, deceit and ugly doings become your uttermost cross to bear.

“You can only let a person be the bad guy for you for so long before everyone else starts to see YOUR true colors.” – Wise

People like this are only looking for one thing out of their relationships. Draining those that surround them. You won’t find these types uplifting others, empowering themselves or their friends, nor will you find them in genuine circumstances. Why? Genuine isn’t in their DNA. The depth of their thought process stems from, “What can I get from you and how can I fuck you over after I get it from you?”

Truth be told,

“No REAL adult enjoys putting up with elementary playground games when they’ve got Adult things to worry about”

And so….

She moved forward.

To bigger and brighter horizons with them BIGGER FISH TO FRY HONEYYYYYYYYY! #grrrr

I trekked onward straight into transitions and storms.

Oh boy! Did I go through a lot of those this past year. EXHAUSTED.

Bitmoji Image

While sometimes, wretched, I sailed on.

Despite not having the support system most people take for granted, I navigated the vast dark seas of the world.

On my own.

“As time goes on, it doesn’t impact me as hard, but to this very day, I still think about mom n dad. I miss their guidance and support. Her hug. His smile. Her resourcefulness. His logic. Most of all… them. Us.”


Something I haven’t had for the last eight to eleven years. They say, the partner you choose is usually that person you can talk to about anything. Hence, your soundboard.

…… They weren’t.

When I needed them the most, they failed me.

Left me hanging.

Leaving me to manage my storms and setbacks on my own.

Sure, they made suggestions and I jumped right on board with it. Yet, as soon as I agreed to the suggestions, they completely dropped off the map, making it extremely difficult to strategize. Ultimately, taking back their suggestion.


I ended up going through it alone AND finding my own solutions for it.


“A person who truly cares about you will make time for you. Even on their hardest of days because that’s love.” -Lee

Bitmoji Image

“Love is when no matter the distance, you still try and find time for each other. No matter what the circumstance. Time is love.” -Wise

The thing is, asking for time from your partner is NOT to much to ask for out of anyone.


Communication is a crucial part of having a successful partnership.

When these traits become to much to ask for from your partner, it is your clear cut sign that they’d rather be doing other things with their time that doesn’t include you.


Does not include you.

Their day to day….

Their reality…

doesn’t include you in it.

In person or in distance, your not part of their master plan.

If you were, they’d be making you part of it rather than excluding you from it.

Bitmoji Image

You will know when someone truly values you, your time and energy. Therefore, when someone makes you feel like your presence is a burden, I’d say it’s safe to say, they don’t really want you in their life at all.

Their thoughts aren’t for you.

Their energy… isn’t for you.

Their love… isn’t for you.

Their time on this earth… is not set forth for you.

 At the very bottom line of it all,

“There is no greater disappointment in life than to have a partner who makes you feel as though you cannot express yourself to them” -Wise

“She will always be my baby girl. For, she is my soul sister.”   

During the depths of my own storms, my Lee came to me in need. Battling her own serious struggle. Despite what I was going through, all I wanted to do was take her hand, walk side by side, and sail her through her battles ahead. Lee trusted me with the reigns and oh did I sail! We trekked those dark seas together and came out on the other side of our struggles. Evolved.

She put her faith in me when she sought my advice and took a giant leap the moment, I dished it. She may never know how much her faith in me… means to me. Nor, how valuable she will always be to me because she values my words…. Or … Maybe she’s reading it right now.

 There really isn’t an answer for that momentous day when it all occurred but something powerful happened between us.

And so…

we held each other’s hands through our storms and kept each other afloat. With daily affirmations back and forth. Reminding each other how spectacularly amazing we both are. A trait that kills most woman to do.

On the real:

As I watch this beautiful flower blossom into the most glorious flower in her garden, I can’t help but be grateful as I watch my baby girl grow into her womanhood like that beautiful goddess and warrior that she’s always been. What speaks the loudest about the experience is…  just as I recognize her, she recognizes me. Conjuntos.

And so….

Here I sit on a new horizon.

A journey shifted.

While, the path has been long and winding.

Oftentimes, trying.

I climb.

We climb.

 I am embarking on vibrant opportunities.

A blessing.

So ….

In a nutshell.

There’s the sauce.

See ya on the next one…

13 thoughts on “Sunsets & Horizons

  1. Terveen Gill says:

    We all discover ourselves through our unique experiences and circumstances. To truly know who we are and what we want is liberating. Pushing forward no matter what, is life’s game plan.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Remontz_X says:

    You went through the fasting like challenge of ridding your inner circle of toxicity — a battle I was glad to read that you’ve come out on the other side of as a champion. Keep moving in that positive direction!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. drnc11 says:

    “Home is behind, the world ahead,
    And there are many paths to tread
    Through shadows to the edge of night,
    Until the stars are all alight.

    Mist and twilight, cloud and shade,
    Away shall fade! Away shall fade!”

    Liked by 1 person

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