Just Like That

Thought she’d found.

Her better half.

He’d Made promises



He could not sustain.

Strung her along with his carefully decorated lies.

A conquest

Was all she was.

He took her for granted.

And manipulated her love.

She Stroked his ego.
He let it get to his head.
How unfortunate.
He let that be his doom.
He pissed her away.
Instead of remain true.

Pretended to care. Yet.

Switched up like a queue.

His greatest fear.

Was that he’d disappoint her.

Despite his gears.

He did so anyway.

Promised her

He’d never hurt her

But strived each day

To tear her down

And make her sad.

Knowing he couldn’t

Sustain his lies.

He began to wriggle

His way out of his tide.

Rather than admit he was doing her wrong,

He played the victim and flipped it on her.

So now he sits

In is dark square

Losing grasp of the diamond.

That once belonged to him.


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