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In The Pudding


“A man has to worry a woman might turn him down but a woman has to worry that a man might kill her. “

He started out with a beautiful facade. He paved his road with carefully colored lies. Proceeded to play the role of an amazing guy. All while he was deceiving her in plain sight. He’d hoped she was naive. That maybe she’d enable him. Possibly even be that complacent woman he’s used to having. Only, she was not and for that he punished her.

His purest intentions was to kill her that night. The only reason he stopped was the noise of people stirring. Had they not, he’d complete the job. No remorse. Not care. For, he would have concerned.

Slowly but surely his lies unraveled. One by one. The pudding spilled. He pretended great until he couldn’t pretend anymore.

Used his sob story to manipulate anyone he could. Simply to use them as he thought he could.

On the sidelines he told other woman SHE was the crazy one. Not because he really thought it but rather because he knew they’d buy it.

Even went as far as to blame her for his addiction AND relapse. Would hop back and forth from he loved her to he hates her. All the while not recognizing himself.

For the ugly hearted monster our parents warn us about as children.

His only goal is destroy others lives. In fact, when he doesn’t get what he wants he tries to destruct. For his jaded lies became his only tune. He strummed his song until it protruded.

Now he sits with not a worry.

He’d almost taken her life then fleed to another woman’s apartment.

Her loyalty to him … he was not worthy.

For even though he had hers, she never had his.

In the the end

Nothing he’d ever said to her was credible at all.

Ultimately, he IS that disappointment he feared he’d become

After twenty three years he’s still #ThatAddictGuy

Nothing more. Possibly less but NEVER working on his better version. Simply allowing his life to crumble.

©rarenwise 7.21.2021

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