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Revelation 2:3

He emotionally abused and manipulated her then physically abused her. Yet, NEEDED her to believe she was the abuser.

She once believed he was her heart. Only, he rolled through town like a haggard storm. Not because he wanted her. Merely because he was hiding from his actions in another state.

He consumed her time and demanded her all. Expected 100 when he only gave her 20. waited until she wasn’t around to make his back up plans with other girls.

Did he take account?

He did not. It only made him hide it better. In fact, it even made him pretend harder.

Selfishly he didn’t think of her. He only thought of what he wanted to get out of her.

Her needs weren’t being met. She was succumbed with neglect. Her sleep was lacking, her energy dropping. Things in her life being impacted. All while he continued taking.

He noticed her needs but didn’t remorse for his goal for her was not true intent.

He took it so far as to assaulting her. Causing her to lose employment.

Her friends warned her and she dismissed his friends and family warned her and she dismissed.

The only thing those warnings served was to make him angry with her. Hours on end he fought with her. Over all the dirty things he was doing to her. Why? He didn’t want her wising up. It was easier for him to flip it around on her. So that rather the focus be on what he was really doing, It could be on her for NOT doing it.

She’d expressed her need and he pretended to care just long enough and then changed his mind.

He never hesitated to start drinking his day away. She couldn’t come home after work and ever find him sober. The real tragedy was the pile of hidden vodka bottles that he was slamming while he thought she wasn’t looking. Added to the “two beers” he didn’t hide from her.

He controlled her. Treated her as his possession. Yet never once did he truly care for her. Emotionally. Physically. He only cared about one thing. His goal to destroy her emotionally.

Did he ever care? No.

If she was truly his only and all

He wouldn’t have told that to as many girls as he could. AND He wouldn’t be plowed into another girl as we speak.

We take care of those we love. We do not destruct the bridges we build.

After a while she started to wise up but when she called him out he was angry to get caught.

Every day his behavior got worse. Each time he spoke to other woman he would flip out and claim it was her. Blaming her for doing and talking when all in all it was merely his own insecurities bleeding out from his actions.

After a while his pattern became clear. He truly thought he could hide the drug and alcohol use as though it didn’t change him.

In all his years he’s caused plenty of hurt to everyone and anyone he could.

The only thing we’ve yet to see is this grown man take accountability.

His relapses are always someone else’s fault

His drinking problems are always someone else making him do it.

His physical abuse MUST be sanctioned. It has to always be the woman’s fault.

He’ll even go as far as to comment on here with a fake account in hopes of redeeming his sick and twisted ways.

Meanwhile, his true colors shine. He wasn’t worried about whether she was okay. He didn’t bother to find out if she was alive. Instead, he dipped out and cared not once but immediately started to plow himself into others.

From abusing one to sleeping with others.

That in itself shows his real intent and true character

Just another addict using people until he can’t no more.


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