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Pieces #183

I think about all the times

He’d monopolized

Our conversations.

Spent hours on end

Listening to him.

Helping HIM.



Even motivating.

When it came to me….


For it all.


For personal achievements….

I was excited about.


For believing in myself.


When I needed his help.



Expected to listen

While he talked at me.


When his behaviors became

Harder to hide

And his true colors


I’d had enough…

I’d call him out…

Form zero to a hundred

His emotions sprout.

On the flip of a dime

He was angry and trying

To place the “heat” back onto me.

He always stated,

“There you go! Making it about you again”

Hoping to deflect

The true essence

Of the issue.


It was in those moments

I realized

I wasn’t interacting with a man

In his thirties


Rather a kid.

Mentally stuck

In a fifteen year olds




Before the drugs

Destroyed his growing.


17 thoughts on “Pieces #183

  1. cheriewhite says:

    That’s horrible! I’m so sorry he put you through such hell. He sounds like a classic narcissist. I’ve dealt with people like that and they are truly the worst kind of evil. It sounds like you walked away from him and I’m so happy that you did. Now it’s time for you to put yourself first. Self-care is so important and you deserve so much better than the abuse you took from him. Take care of yourself, sweetie.


    Liked by 1 person

    • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

      Not before he assaulted me and left me for dead. Here I am though alive and survived. He definitely put me through some heavy stuff. After everything he did, rather than take responsibility he continuously gaslights me as a means to shift what he did onto me. Emotional turmoil and physical abuse is not ever okay and to put someone through it and turn around and blame them for it happening. Is pretty ….. no words can truly express how sick that really os

      Liked by 1 person

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