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I remember the day my headset died as though it was this morning.

On the phone: Two weeks before E rolled through town, we were speaking on the phone. I had just scarfed down my lunch and was enjoying the remainder of my lunch break. Chatting.

Conversations with E always flipped flopped. One moment we were having an amazing discussion and a good time. The next, he was triggered rampaging and telling me off. (egg shells)

“I had to learn to be extremely careful when talking to him. For, even the smallest of things would set him off.”

The switch

It all happened so quickly. From a conversation full of laughter and love, to an argument over something so minuscule I myself cannot remember what it was for ….to a coworker walking right passed me…..

To my headset dying and my phone converting to speaker phone all on its own.

“ I tried letting him know. It only made him worse.”

She heard this guy tearing into me.

Dead silence hit the air as he went on.

I can’t wash away the memory of that horrified look on her face as she asked, “ Is that your boyfriend?!”

I had no response for her other then crouching shoulders and embarrassment.


After his vile unload, I went back into work with my sparkle a little less…..

I’d developed a close relationship with this coworker so she did pursue, “What’s the story on this guy?”

I opened up a bit. Told her the way he’d been behaving lately. How he’d treated me back when we were young, during our first “go around”, how he’s behaving similarly now and how I’d just found out he relapsed.


She pulled all the punches when I mentioned the relapse.

“Honey you need to drop that guy like yesterday’s news!”

She went on to say, “ if he’s cheated in the past, making threats now, doing what he just did on the phone and an alcoholic he’s only going to drag you down right along with him.”

Silence filled the room once again.

I looked at her and said, “He claims up and down he’s changed.”

“Honey that’s just all talk. A dogs spots don’t ever change. He won’t change.”

All I could really muster up was a silent nod.

“Look honey, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, your career, your kids and so much more. Your such a catch! And you deserve so much more.

If you end up with this guy he’s only going to ruin your life.”

“He’s only going to ruin your life.”

Her voice still echoes.


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