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Telling your story does not mean you still care about, are caught up or complaining about someone.

Telling your story is about sharing your truth. Healing through that truth and becoming a better you on the other end. -Wise

Ones story is not about  expressing some “secret desire.”

Anyone who thinks there’s desire or hurt behind someone’s truth, is in fact the individual living within the lonely existence. Hoping to project that existence unto.

“Those who do not take responsibility for their own actions, live within a self created misery all on their own. Not in company and with fleeting happiness.”

Let’s use abusers for example: [place your own example here]

1. An abuser will go out of their way to convince the victim they are in fact the abuser. For the sake of keeping the abusers “image” in tact. Not realizing that this in itself looks bad on their image.

Because of this, an abuser will never address their own problems and issues they themselves obtain. Carrying these problems into every relationship, friendship, etc. they have. Hence, fleeting.

2. It’s easy for an abuser to run and hide from their self created problems in life but much harder for them to face them and mend them.

3. It’s easy for an abuser to blame others for their failures and woes because then they don’t have to take responsibility for what they’ve done to lead themselves down the path.

Regret and disgust isn’t something they want to feel towards themselves. To an abuser, introspection is extremely scary and they would much rather make the people in their lives strain, stress and question their integrity for game.

4. It’s easy for an abuser to temporarily convince others of their schemes but detrimental as they continue trailblazing once convinced people wise up.

5. Abusers think it’s a “big man/woman” move to make fun of people they abuse as though they glorify the sandbox days.

They’ll even stoop as low as to get others involved in the elementary games, do their bidding and assist with gaslighting.

6. It makes an abuser feel better about themselves to believe others are desperate for them to be in their lives. Abusers need people begging for them.

7. Abusers don’t realize that people will only put up with so much before the abuser loses value and importance in a persons life.

This is extremely hard for an abuser to accept. Therefore, they will pick fun, make petty remarks, gaslight, blame and use trickery in hopes of holding onto control over their victims.

At the bottom line, you wanna ask this clown: purple ribbon or pink ribbon?


7 thoughts on “Clown

    • 🧝‍♀️Rarenwise🧝‍♀️ says:

      Hahaha the sound minded individual responds red ribbon. The clown chooses within the box 😂🤣🤪


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