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Somewhat similar to a bull in a China shop…

Having confidence is great but without maturity, ambition and motivation to back that confidence up, you’ll behave quite recklessly.



Example: you can talk up and down about how hire-able you are, how much of a catch you are, how much of an empath you are and/or how much you want to help someone but at the end of the day … lacking the motivation it requires to follow through with these things is your greatest detriment.


False promises backfire.

You cant dribble the ball steadily when your letting it constantly slip through your fingers and drop. -Wise


“Arrogance filled with false confidence will start to boil over. Before you know it, your sitting in a pile of your own tainted dish.”-Wise


Therefore, to be a man/woman of your word is crucial to achieving your success.

Actions speak louder than words.


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